Angeez Photo Groove: 29th International Festival in Raleigh


flagsFor the 29th consecutive year under one roof a cornucopia of more than 60 ethnic groups. The International Festival kicked off on Friday with a Naturalization Ceremony where more than 200 people became US citizens. The three day festival was all about fun, food, shopping, music, dance, and art just some of the elements that are important elements of one’s culture.

2 w basketDid I mention Sophia’s Corner and all the fun for children? Face painting, arts and crafts, balloon creations, oh my!

eyesdad figures









Look at what I learned a few words in Swahili.

swahiliOne could sample foods from 25 different countries at the old world style street cafes. The cooking demonstrations featured dishes from The Congo, Korea, Lebanon, India, Scandinavia, Italy, France, Canada, Philippines, Egypt, Iran, Columbia and so many other countries provided a treat for every palate.


Having traveled to some of the countries represented Africa, Brazil, Greece, Korea, Vietnam and experiencing the foods there,









next to pan food






out night






I opted for this dish described as African American, stewed corn and tomatoes with okra by Chef Rashid.


1 of 4


It was delectable!



LatinThis Latin dance demonstration and lesson was befitting after sampling foods from around the world.

If you were too full to move the dance competitions was the place to fight off any lethargy, so enlightening and entertaining.

IndiaThe beauty in the diversity of the International festival was remarkable.

Columbia 2

Future TellerPerhaps the “Future Teller” exclaims one day we will all realize that through the arts we can learn and appreciate one another and through love we will find peace on earth.

Photo 2Angela

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