Carrboro, NC: Marc Lee A MC @ 17th Carrboro Music Festival on Sept. 28, 2014

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This event was charming and spectacular! Big small town…It was like being in Georgetown (DC) and Tribecca (NYC) “south…”. Thousands of very nice people of all ages enjoying live bands engaged in cranking out music from everywhere: backyards, restaurants, bars, formal venues, parks, courtyard etc.

The musician were in a marathon and well appreciated — jumping from set to set with more than one band. Great fun and a very nice experience. I could really live and write and work in this city. It’s close to Chapel Hill, NC.


 17th annual Carrboro Music Festival

Lucy and The 2nd & 3rd Band

The event is a product of a coordinated effort by the Carrboro Recreation and Parks Department and the Carrboro Music Festival Planning Committee.

outside one

This is Carrboro’s effort to showcase Triangle-area performers and the varied musical styles they represent.  All of the performers donate their talents to foster a strong sense of community and to reveal their talents to a wider audience.

outside 2
On Saturday, September 27th, the 2014 started with music from several bands at the Carrboro Town Commons (2:00pm-6:00pm).  Later, on Saturday at the Cat’s Cradle Back Room, The Love Language, Daddy Issues, and Natural Causes performed.   Doors opened at 8:00p.m., with the first band beginning at 9:00p.m.


On Sunday, September 28th, Carrboro’s day long, free festival featured over 180 performing acts at 25 indoor and outdoor venues. In the space of a few hours within downtown Carrboro, listeners  heard bluegrass, folk, jazz, country, rock and roll, classical, and world music.  Picture below the Salsa was so hot…I thought  was in The Bronx or Spanish Harlem at a Block Party.

Salsa in the DarkIn addition to the Carrboro Music Festival on September 27 and September 28, the Carrboro Recreation and Parks Department is hosted “MUSIC on the STREETS”.
at the Steel String Brewery


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