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Untitled pictureThis shooting and continued civil and not criminal issue will not be on a state test for American students or our end of the year exams but the case of Michael Brown did stop many people in their tracks this past summer…and remains a pending indication of how American justice works…right or wrong/innovative or archaic.

Ferguson, Missouri Update Says, “A county grand jury is weighing whether to indict Wilson in Brown’s shooting.

The Justice Department, which is investigating whether Brown’s civil rights were violated, is conducting a broader probe into the Ferguson police department. On Friday, it urged Jackson to ban his officers from wearing bracelets supporting Wilson while on duty and from covering up their name plates with black tape. The bracelets, which sparked complaints from Ferguson residents, are black with “I am Darren Wilson” in white lettering. A police officer was shot Saturday night in Ferguson, Missouri and there are two suspects.”

Ferguson the city… is still is very much divided as the nation/world watches our democracy at work with concern for this incident and surrounding issues.

As we teach and protect “democracy” we have national debates about: right and wrong; justified/unjustified; legal/illegal and the sense of tolerance and justice in a pluralistic society. “And…so it is!” But who is safe in this way-of-life, and what is normal and operative for children and the world to understand watching our adult and societal behaviors? What is right and what is wrong; what is innovative and what is archaic for modeling standards and behaviors for future global citizenry?

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