Brooklyn: Delicious Endings @ the Flatbush-Caton Avenue Vendors’ Market Spells New Beginnings For Many

short logoPinkDelicious Endings Catering and Tea Room founded by Chef Isra Gordon…has brought innovation and rendezvous opportunity to add on to the historic 9,000 square foot Flatbush-Caton Vendors’ Market managed by Ms. Anna which  was the “brainchild” of a current community leader, Ms. Una S.T. Clarke — who was also the first Caribbean person to hold a seat on the “world-renowned” New York City Council.

Una Clarke photoThe former Councilwoman Una Clarke developed the market and community information center to provide:1) a business home with galvanized resources for busy street vendors, and  2) a friendly and informal place where progressive New Yorker’s initially from the Caribbean comfortably could come to discuss new businesses opportunities; innovative strategies for start-ups; job creation and B2B collaborative that could be supported from the existing brain-trust and resources available at the market.

colored sign Chef Isra and the Delicious Endings Tea Room a second generation restauranteur from Grenada provides the market with that “charming center-place” for welcoming B2B discussions, community activities, guests, diverse events and lectures.

Mug shotThe Flatbush/Caton Vendors’ Market has become a commercial and cultural mecca for the already lively surrounding community on the historic Flatbush Avenue home to many first and second generation Caribbean Americans. Delightful Endings offers them healthy teas, a full coffee menu, international cuisine, cooking lessons, kids activities, small business start-up crafts, special deliveries, meal plans, weekend social clubs, outreach community visits, entrepreneurial discussions and a easy access service window for people on the go to the subways.

Gourmet plateThe Flatbush/Caton Vendors’ Market is currently home to over 40 New York City-based Caribbean businesses supported by The City of New York and managed by the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry USA. Call them Now! 347-587-1218 or visit the website at

JuicesTea House strip

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