Atlanta: First Annual Tween Style Power “Tween Star Awards” Should Be Model To A National Touring Program !!!

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I attended the First Annual Tween Star Awards – Atlanta last night at Atlanta’s remodeled DeFoor Center and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Even though we just met in the past few weeks — I am so proud of Shekina Moore, Ed.S. founder of Tween Style Power and the Tween Star Awards.

Shekina and her “gifted team”  and wonderful family created and unforgettable tribute and lasting impression on the awardees and her entire audience about the pricelessness of encouraging America’s young women.

This was an upscale event with a savvy balance of diverse and well-spoken hosts of all ages; video coordination and technology by Major Mindz Media, Inc.; entertainment, good food, white chocolate, cup cakes, gift bags,  encouragements, impromptu MC fun and powerfully sincere celebrations of girls and young women who understand their talents, spiritual bearing, purposes, self-worth and important values.

The extravaganza introduced twelve 2014 Tween Star Honorees. They included young ladies from Georgia and North Carolina. The list included: Danielle Metts, Nyasia Anthony, Nevaeh Brown, Krista Gibson, Sydney K. Greene, Carolyn Johnson, Kennedy Thorne, Lauren Orie, Alysia Talley, Aaliyah Rucker, Savannah Wilkerson and Daniella Hatcher. Each young lady was listed in a print program and also accompanied on stage with an adjacent display of her digital media profile for the “academy awards” effect. Well done!

Everyone was professional –the Master of Ceremony was Mr. E! The Motivator; the keynote speaker was Carlysia Levert. Her award presenters were carefully selected and accomplished individuals also including Dystanny Spurlock, Kimmonly Rice-Ogletree and Selena Gabrielle

The stella performers had awesome talents of every entertainment genre from spoken word to dance; opera to country western and rock music. It was all tastefully done and arranged with careful concern for the primary messages which reinforced that “girls and women are national treasures”! The performers included DJ Priest, Dai Time, Jayden Le Blanc, Lucretia Tucker, Red Maiden, Sara Stevens, and Shari Clarke.

This extraordinary initiative was supported by: Tween Style Power, The Salette USAtv I Broadcasting Networks, Girl’s World Marketing Group, Mr. E The Motivator, People You Should Know Magazine, Tiffany Terrell PR Consulting, Miss Jessie’s Original, Rich Productions, Voice of, KeKe’s Cupkakery, Books By Angela, J.C. Gardner –Write Away, Simply Delicious Cakes, Just Lovely Planning, The Great Mentor, Embellisher Tashawna Chisholm, Metro Dance Studio, Letonia Page: on Relationships, Diamond Diva, Major Mindz, and Black Reins: The Premier Publication for Black Cowboys.

The programming to me is a complete model for all regions, states and the nation to support our nation’s most valuable assets — its girls!

Founder, Shekina Moore said, “I was watching a documentary on girls one day and noticed that the girls were only talking about their looks. Shekina kept waiting for one to mention her goals and aspirations but it didn’t happen.” She said that she then asked herself, “Where are the voices? Who is speaking up for our girls? Who is teaching the unspoken rules? This moment ultimately led to Tween Style Power’s conception and the Tween Star Awards”.

The event was so well organized and the diverse people so “syner-gized” by collective accomplishments it was like being in the midst of a new and “talented sorority” established by a noble cause, fused by the recognition of Shekina Moore’s showcase, and impressed with the determination to look forward together with a collective sense of mutual respect, love, admiration and mission to encourage others.

This is a package that must be coordinated with Shekina Moore and sponsored across the nation. Calling all sororities and or other ‘shakers and movers” interested in supporting America’s girls for progressive futures…

I can’t wait for next year — but this should be a staple in every region — like Daddy Daughter(s) Dances… but this spotlights only our daughters! Great business… wondrous stuff, yeah  🙂

Contact Mrs. Shekina Moore, Ed.S.

P.O. Box 2764 Smyrna, GA 30081 or

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