Because Dr. Martin Luther Kings Jr Sacrificed His Life — No Need for Precarity Today


2015 Dr. Martin L King JrI Have A Dream… With No Subgroups and No Un-Equal Work Opportunity or Work Ethics In Our Hometowns or Nation…

Hispanic kids are today doing much better and they and their families and teachers are closing the gap between Hispanic and White students.

Precarity is a condition of existence without predictability or security, affecting material or psychological welfare. Specifically, it is applied to the condition of consistent unemployment or underemployment resulting is precarious lifestyle and a return to “a state of nature” for survival and existence. The social class defined by this condition has been termed the precariat. When kids are not armed with Godly schooling, the alphabet , the use of numbers and the knowledge of coin, money, types of business and history before attending schools. So  they are vulnerable and easily ignored because they are armed by uncontrolled television, anti educational, celebrities and games and “images” of the never-doing-well-in legal bounds, violence, vice and mental disconnects from wanting stress-free lives, normalcy, peaceful environments and upscale futures. We can live anywhere but can we also take “The Prince of Peace”?

We are “legacy generations” because of Dr. King’s legacy and murder. We have to share our wealth, history and integrity. We have to be more than performers and entertainers. They have there proper places in the society and they are working and doing a job.

Our salvation is in a unity-of-purpose and business-of- understanding an American dream where we live and wherever we want to go… in specific terms like all other people who create businesses and commerce and live their dreams in the native homelands in in our neighborhoods also. This is the greatest “pluralistic” country: on the face of the earth.

We share our resources with everyone and it is alright to make some covenant agreements together to create educational homes, progressive schools, real businesses to support families and youth and enterprise to serve our nation from the perspective of a people with one of the longest histories in the nation. Small businesses create jobs, circulate dollars in communities and reduces unnecessary hopelessness.

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    The world has come full circle in an “Age of Precarity” with war, corporate corruption, terrorism, overt racism and pandemics. All of our kids are also students of their times and their neighborhoods rich and poor. They are all walking and marching together these days because of an obvious sense that precarity is real and metaphorical too.



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