Black History Month Poem: 2015 Rites of Passage (Boys & Girls)


Topics explored for

learning disciplines and mastery




  • African studies
  • American history
  • Impact on civil rights in the greatest country in the world “civilizing” others in an ‘inclusive’ world-understanding
  • Impact of civil rights history on African and Easter Europe
  • Botany
  • Science, Technology Engineering Economics Education and Mathematics (STEEM)
  • Coding, Computer information and social media
  • Visual communications
  • Contributions to medicine, American inventions, biology, physics, nursing, mid-wife metrics and methodologies, sports, telephony, civic prudence, jurisprudence, peaceful direction social action, dissent, art, comedy, cartoons, constructivist thought, democracy, military service and science and the Humanities, Economies of scale, farming, community development, religion, ministry, manhood, womanhood, childhood, senior citizen responsibility
  • Parenting
  • Legacy generations
  • precarity
  • ebonics and texting
  • anomie
  • games and reality tv extending influence of anomie
  • faith
  • freedom and work
  • Predestination, Kingdom purpose, principals, assignments, metrons, economics, Biblical finance, compassion and warfare
  • Culture and entertainment as a power for community and world progress
  • self mastery
  • systems thninking
  • shared visions
  • The power of the Tongue
  • inclinations indicate thought in action
  • Relationships
  • Women
  • Men
  • Love
  • Truth
  • Decency and order
  • Human frailty
  • Being born in a time considered the greatest in the history of the world if you appreciate it like other who use/wield/understand and shepherd love and commonsense using the world as your campus and workplace
  • understanding is an art form
  • God as creator and Savior on all dimensions that you choose with
  • free-to-be-good and with free-will to change all space time reality it starts  with the tongue!

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