Mindshare…with Icon Andrew Young Jr. Happy Birthday March 12th!

Blacks are not always taken seriously. Changes in civil rights historically for some still seems like unnecessary concessions instead of “bread and butter amendments” for rights as tenets in a pluralistic society or a model democracy like our own. But if we took ourselves seriously speaking to Andrew Young is like speaking to a world historic statesman/revolutionary. If I were Irish it would be like talking to Collins; British like Churchhill, Kenyan Kenyatta, Israeli Shamir. We can’t do everything they can imagine but it is nice to hear what should be easy if there was indeed legacies of the civil rights era.

Happy Birthday…Civil Rights Icon and Ambassador Andrew J. Young Jr on March 12, 2015. Thank God that you are here with us. May God keep and Bless you for many many more years as a gift to our nation and world for the betterment of human beings.

This is published on the anniversary of the “Bloody Sunday March” from Brown’s Chapel Church, crossing the Alabama River on the Edmund Petis Bridge in Selma to go on to Montgomery, Alabama (54 miles). This was a SNCC led reaction to the brutal murder of Jimmie Lee Jackson. SNCC, Andrew Young and Hosea Williams we engaged in many questions about the SNCC campaign now an historic bloodbath and terrible moment in American history witnessing violence by the hands of State Troopers.

God bless the memory of Mrs. Viola Liuzzi killed later that month in Selma working with the automobile shuttle. Andrew Young helped to write the bill that would become the Voting Rights Act (August 6, 1965) after that which was endorsed by President Lyndon Johnson.

Andrew Young is a very cool dude. A father-brother figure and friendly clergyman — if you have a serious bone in your body. He’s a lion, tiger and bear. I loved his company inclinations, recall and unpredictable expressions. I read a book about him by James Haskins “Man with a Mission” (1979) that is good reading.

I also vacationed with his family including Jean Young and others in Nassau,The Bahama’s. He is a great family man and loves to swim too. I never saw someone use the ocean like a swimming pool. Many thanks to the Jenkins family for that meeting.

This is a video interview covering several topics during election season 2014. The interview takes place in Conyers, Georgia (Rockdale County). He is seated beside the current Commissioner of the County Richard Olden and his grandson (Brandon). Some of the topics include: voting, education, Georgia politics, reparations, “the new slavery”, then and now in Rockdale and more. Mr. Young is a person who has served as a lieutenant to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mayor of Atlanta, Ambassador to Pres. Jimmy Carter and global businessman and developer.

It’s now great not to guess what his thoughts are on these topics. What I take away from the whole experience is… that we will always have to work on our political, legal and social structure in America. Democracies take work and need updating for every constituency’s engagement of it. (c) 2014 W. Calvin Anderson, MEd. Groovetrak Network News (wcalvinanderson.com). “Mindshare…With Icon Andrew Jackson Young Jr”

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