March-April 2015: America in a Rare Balance…Looking for Well-Deserved Leadership

Flag America and POWPhoto by  W. Calvin Anderson. M.Ed

There are negative views of authority in and about America from the unprecedented GOP letter to Iran exhibiting the deep schisms and distrust of the executive by a legislative branch of government to the many fatal shootings, ambushes and marches in the news related to community police relations across the nation in what were once considered domestically and internationally as “world-class”cities.

Public trust and consensus is a priceless result in the process of well-meaning communications in any  form whether international negotiations, congress or town hall meetings. At the end of the day we have a future to be concerned with that protects America’s interests and a model democracy to forever update and run!

We cannot afford to dismantle diplomacy… on the world stage or to tolerate a disconnect… between one or thousands of young people in our communities or our society in the coming months… from laws and law enforcement that works the majority of the time in our everyday experience. There are too many guns in our society and too many support media suggesting violence from cartoons to bullies and hawks.

Global citizenry, America (regardless of identity politics) and residents of our “world-class” cities are looking for people willing to work to fill a frightening and unnecessary “leadership gap”  given our “hands-on”  foreign policy and “hard-to-earn” civil rights histories. We need people who are existing leaders and new leadership equipped to support the quality of life that we should profess globally according to the creed of our model democracy.

We have to demand that we fill the gap with solutions and end all rhetoric and dangerous delays to  reconstruct our sense of 21st century America and American community. We are born in this pluralistic society to simply “exceed” ourselves for a great good and paradigm for present and future civilizations.

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