Atlanta: Tyler Perry to Hire 5,000 for the New Georgia Studio

photo G-List     Story referred by Carol Lloyd            Photo Courtesy of The G-List

According the to The G-List magazine…Media mogul Tyler Perry has built a fortune from creating stage plays, television shows and movies, and his successes created job opportunities for Atlanta residents and extended careers for people of color in Hollywood, to which his praises are often sung.  The “Have And Have Nots” creator seems to be building a TV and film studio in a humongous and abandoned land that aims to open job opportunities for more than 5,000 upon its completion.

Count on Perry to go down in history once this project comes to life.

Source: Project Casting

Filmmaker Tyler Perry is planning on building more than a movie studio at Fort McPherson. According to reports, Tyler Perry is strongly considering adding an amphitheater and a museum.

After Ft. McPherson closed down several years ago, over 7,000 people lost their job and surrounding neighborhoods suffered.

But, the best part of the new report is that Perry’s studios will generate around 5,000 jobs and will have 10 to 20 productions filming at once.

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  1. Maria Ramos says:

    I am so much looking forward to what Mr. Perry is planning. Blessings on you Brother and your work.
    Maria Ramos

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