Blog Talk Radio: Dr. Imani Interviews Mark Hamlin About Community CrowdFunding

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Preferred Photo for ImaniDr. Imani Ma’at

124460_9R16VVRg Dare to Dream 2015!  Meet Mr. Mark Hamlin of WeShareCrowdFunding

Mark Hamlin is dedicated to helping as many people and organizations as he can to get on the positive side of the wealth equation.   Coming from a place of humility and having experienced critical financial times himself, Mark is a humble yet powerful voice of a unique Community Crowdfunding Platform that is taking the country by storm.

Tune in to hear him speak about the benefits of Community Crowd Funding for individual and group projects – churches, youth sports teams, non-profits and more!

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He will also be speaking in Atlanta on Thursday the 13th at the Christ Temple Church of God located at 645 8th Street, NW Atlanta, GA  30318.  Times of presentations: 11 am, 3 pm and 7pm.  Tickets, (valued at $100)  can be obtained at no charge by contacting Dr. Imani at

Please use link:

Brief Overview Video

Brief Overview Video 

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