USA: Holiday Season…And 365…Support Black Business Like We Support All Others!

BuyBlack 2

Conscientious Consumer Spending Shows Respect for Products And Lending Support to Business Owners Who Create Jobs and an Economy for Themselves, Families, Communities, Cities, States and Nations.


NYCLetsBuyBlack365, a nationwide Black economic empowerment movement, online Black community, and local network. This is a movement to empower Black people through the committed Black owned businesses that create jobs, create resources, and fuel our communities as they grow.

­­­­Why Join LetsBuyBlack365.Com?

We are about empowering both the Black entrepreneur and Black consumer. Our members know that how we spend our income is our ultimate economic tool for empowerment! We’re dedicated to helping re-circulate our dollars among our own businesses to help our communities grow. It’s a bi-part economic empowerment movement; to help Black businesses connect with Black consumers who can and will support them. At the same time we help Black consumers find the right type of goods and services that they need in a way that’s easy, fun, and incentivized! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?
RaleighAs Black people who need to purchase goods and services for ourselves and our families it is oftentimes difficult to find good businesses that have what we need, and when we do at times we find it challenging to get quality goods or services, along with good customer service.

We’re often stuck between two hard buying choices. 1) We’re forced to uy from people who don’t look like us and don’t like us, but yet will set up shop in our communities. 2)Buying from people who look like us but lack the guidance and assistance needed to provide us with high quality goods and services.

AtlantaWe have purchase power, but we don’t have the choices to allow us to use it effectively, and we end up investing in businesses who are not building in our best interest.


Here’s a chance to bypass all those issues! As a LBB365 Member, you’ll have access to Black-owned businesses in many categories to find what you need. Businesses are rated by YOU, and customers like you so that you’ll know right away about the quality of the products and the customer services before investing your dollars in that company. You’ll be a part of a community of invested and empowered consumers who you can connect with directly to know about businesses you are interested in buying from. And there’s more…

You get rewarded for buying from a business, rating a business, and doing other things that you usually do when you buy stuff! You earn cool incentives, prizes, and more just for buying everyday items and utilizing services you’re already using now!

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