Stamford CT’s Own Guy Fortt Featured Nationally By AARP Fearless at 50 Advertising Pre- 2016 Super Bowl

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The mega event we call the Super Bowl is turning 50 years old and part of the celebration includes a feature on Stamford Connecticut native and retired firefighter, Guy Fortt in a series of advertising for AARP created by Grey Advertising, Inc. called Fearless at 50.

AARP “Fearless at 50 Campaign” on NFL pre-game & in-game show 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th weekend and before Superbowl on 2/7 from 12-5pm

IMG_4992According to Adweek, Barbara Shipley, senior vice president of brand integration at AARP, said  the organization knew it couldn’t miss out on the chance to spread its message about the joy of turning 50. It created the “Fearless at 50” campaign with agency Grey NY, and the new ads feature four AARP members who have, since reaching the milestone of turning 50, done something fearless. The campaign hopes to prove that “at 50, you’ve still got it,” Shipley said. It highlights men and women who have taken risks—from jumping out of their own 50th birthday cakes or belly dancing—and shows that 50 isn’t an age to fear, but an age filled with possibilities.

Guy Fortt said following the now famous ad, “I am 21st century fearless there is no doubt about it. In fact, don’t mean to sound corny — but this is the greatest time in the history of the world to be alive and America has had the most promise of any country in history. In school they say that they want our kids to be globally competitive. I am part of the baby boomer generation in America and we have been recipient of enormous social and financial change. Some of us have surpassed the dreams of our parents and ancestors and we are as the old hymnal says, “No ways tired. I personally want to share my story. I have worked hard and I still work hard today. I want to continue for the rest of my life to learn for the rest of my life and to push people young and old to enjoy their full potential.”

Guy Fortt recently received a MS in the area of Sports Industry Management from Columbia University. Stamford citizens, school coaches, program leaders, athletes, seniors and sports fans can also benefit from Guy’s new Sports Industry know-how.. through his new and exciting program…

The ForttSports Industry Jobs, Fun-Tours and Learning Academies

Guy Fortt has now developed the  Fortt Sports Industry Jobs, Fun-Tours and Learning Academies for the tri-state area New York, New Jersey and Connecticut sports team fan club development, stadium job development, spectacular special events and career development programming.

He says that his, Fortt Sports management team will share the “inside out” of sport management opportunities through touring stadiums, special events, programs and properties  to introduce youth, adults and senior citizens to the wholesome fun, jobs, vending opportunities and careers. We will support fan club trips, fantastic dating, birthdays, group outings, and much, much more. Some of what’s included will be:

  • 21st training about Stadiums as Businesses
  • New fan club perks
  • Industry stars and celebrities (sports and management talent),
  • VIP trivia, ticket holder demographics (patrons), multi-leveled employee job descriptions (staff),
  • Vendors opportunities and a wide range of media affiliation.
  • Talent and other career opportunities

Structured tours will have provide patrons and clients with opportunities for fun and strategic learn experiences rarely offered the general public. Guy Fortt is “fearless at 50”. Stamford and the rest of the nation is very proud of him.

Backgrounder of Accomplishments of ForttSports, LLC to date

ForttSports, LLC. ( ) is a seven year old youth development company headquartered in Stamford, CT. sporting events and athlete promotion company dedicated to recruiting, assessing, training, and rewarding high school scholar/athletes, junior high school (middle school) scholar/athletes and 5th and 6th grade athletes around the country to present to college coaches and agents. Fortt Sports is owned by Stamford native Guy Fortt a lifelong sports enthusiast. The company is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. Guy is the proud father of a sports-oriented family. His second oldest son Khairi played in the NFL. An eldest son is a professional MMA fighter.

ForttSports has assisted the following young people with their college and professional careers in the last three years: John Jenkins (New Orleans Saints), Mark Harrison (Kansas City Chiefs), Keith Carlos (New York Giants), Silas Redd (Washington Redskins), Jerome Vaugh Cunningham (New York Giants) Abner Logan (Univ. of Maryland), Christian Gill (Western Carolina), Shane Nastahowski (Temple Univ.), Jordan Lucas (Penn State), Noel Thomas Jr. (UCONN), and many others.

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Guy A Fortt : Call 203 223-0549   Email:  


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