Atlanta – Arndrea Waters King Wife of Martin Luther King III Hosts an Event to Support an Organization Called Helping Ethiopia Achieve Longevity (HEAL)!



Heal Eth Middle

Heal eth logo Martin III is tirelessly engaged with leadership projects promoting U.S. creedal ideals and values and international social change and social reconstruction projects. Like his dad he is a respected leader promoting:  human rights; violence reduction and prevention; improved community policing; civic responsibility; non violent dissent of public policy; solutions-based reforms and improvements in legal, community and economic development; clean water, green energy and environmental concerns and conscientious public health needs. Additionally, his wife of ten years,

AndreaArndrea Waters King is an avid humanitarian and supporter of high and low profiled causes. Arndrea currently serves as a board member for the Ethiopian aid  organization appropriately called HEAL.  Arndrea is taking the lead and has decisively organized progressive efforts to assist those in need in Ethiopia.

The Helping Ethiopia Achieve Longevity (HEAL) benevolent funding organization is a nonprofit 501(C) (3) dedicated to helping the programming organization, Nutrition Plus Holistic Home Care (NPHHC) with a direct outreach model for its program beneficiaries in Ethiopia. NPHHC has been able to meet and exceed its goals which include: providing integrated home-based care for poor rural pastoralist women and girls. Menty’s diverse services provide supportive care for those living with HIV/AIDS  and as well as programs to increase educational and health access for orphans and vulnerable children.

Mentuab “Menty”Araya is the prime-mover of this dynamic effort. She is the former assistant to the Hon. Andrew Young (Civil Rights Activist, Mayor of Atlanta and U.S. Ambassador) and adviser for humanitarian activities in Africa. Her heart felt mission began when she returned to where she was born in Ethiopia 1993 to promote business investments, and realized that infrastructure was needed to  organize direct services to needy people. This Menty understood as her “true calling” and she has been a respected steward of those in need ever since.  Mentuab established NPHHC in 2003 and later in 2008 founded HEAL which was formerly Nutrition Plus Holistic Services, Inc.

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boardbottomKing family  photo courtesy of the NY Daily News

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