Brooklyn: Brooklyn’s “Doc” Dr. Michael Gilbert Davidson Memorial Poem

michael_photoBrooklyn’s “Doc” – Dr. Michael Gilbert Davidson

By W. Calvin Anderson Dec. 2, 2016

Dr. Michael Gilbert Davidson was known in his adult life as “Doc”

in Brooklyn, NY. (The Republic). He was known and honored all over the

borough of over 2 million people – like he was the one and only “Doc” – and “Brooklyn’s Doc”. Dr. Michael Gilbert Davidson was treated like “their very own gift”. Dr. Michael was born to a prominent family.

He was Comus legacy and fraternity,

the son of a brilliant Louisiana diva and a cosmopolitan surgeon

and lawyer;

he was the brother of two doctors and a senior court judge, he was the uncle and

the godfather to progressive young people; he was dear to us all and special

to us all, indivisibly. We are all Michael’s own people! He was a hometown favorite son

in New Rochelle, NY. Michael was not a first generation community practitioner, caretaker, friend

or professional servicing neighborhoods, cities, client needs and mankind for that matter.

He was a working dentist, 12 hours a day, six days a week and each evening entered a room,

restaurant or bar to meet with friends and lifted the heaviness of the workdays off

of himself and friends afterward, with a smile or a teammate hollar, a truly…Michael roar…

and almost viking call – that he had arrived.

Beloved “Doc” in a real biblical sense was a “people person” with a bright, crystalline,

transparent, spirit. His spirit is pure and different from others today. He

greeted and spoke positive things “into” people. His relationships involved: both

loving and being loved. He brought his smile and his a faculty of concern to us.

He was a lot of fun to be with and always smiling; he had a concerned ear for others; and sometimes

a classy dance exhibition — with a fine and fun-loving ladies –who wanted to remember

the best of times in Classic NYC Dance, with the foot workings, twists, spins, over and under

handed twirls of the New York Hustle. or some competitive and stylish, Salsa.

Brooklyn’s Doc” was a real class act and few professionals have the

hereditary principles for a concerned ear, or an encouraging word to and into the hearts

and minds of our people and humanity today.

Today when we regretfully release Dr. Michael Gilbert Davidson’s spirit to God:

Michael has already

humbled himself before St. Peter, as we all must do.

He has knelt at the throne of God

and it is from there that he now proceeds…

The Republic of Brooklyn’s Doc,

the son, the brother, the uncle, the cousin, the godfather,

the Comus, the friend to us all

right here and now…

will enter the gate’s of Our Lord’s heaven

and well… he may still…hollar, offering a truly Michael-like smile and roar,

and with an almost viking call… tell countless loved ones already there…

that God… who has created “Crowns of Glory”, loves him dearly also, and that

He that ordains our good works that, provides for him — the blessings of salvation.

If we listen now… and close our eyes, we can hear too,

from Michael in our hearts…in the Republic of Heaven

that “It is well…” and he has arrived!

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