North Carolina USA: The Beulah Project Meets Real 21st Century Civic Needs in Durham, NC


“For the capacity to meet the simple and complex challenges of a truly historic and responsive American city in the 21st century.”

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The Beulah Project utilizes the arts, media, and law to empower people and communities.

Durham, North Carolina is the home of the historic Hayti Black Business District ( ) and North Carolina Central and Duke Universities. Durham was a spotlight electorial district in the 2016 Presidental Elections for Russian hacking ( ;( ) and 2017 Mayoral Elections ( ). Durham is currently building up downtown ( ) and has trouble with urban neighborhood violence ( Durham has had open cases where citizens removed Confederate statues themselves ( and celebrate a new highway for the late historian Dr. John Hope Franklin (         ).

All of this information is stated and linked to topical news to indicate the tremendous need for The Beulah Project in today’s world and to a significant Southern U.S. city. Durham is a truly historic American city challenged with great heritage and real civic needs.

The Beulah Project is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization with a mission to develop and foster youth and adult education, community service and leadership skill development in the arts, education, digital media, and law for individuals and community empowerment. Beulah is ever ready to meet with Durham residents and local officials to create 21st century in the road to an equitable and world-class city for Durham’s continued positive legacy in America. Its mission is to develop and foster youth and adult education, community service and leadership skill development in the arts, digital media, and law for individual and community empowerment

From the Beginning…

“Move Durham Forward” Iconic Civic Leader, City of Durham, North Carolina Mayor Bell and Kelvin De’Marcus Allen founder of The Beulah Project Interviewed by the Brilliant, Deborah Holt-Noel Host of Black Issues Forum UNC-TV

Kelvin and City of Durham Mayor BellPlease click on link:









“We all have a vested interest in making sure Durham’s urban communities have access to the resources a city like Durham has to offer. “Move Durham Forward” is simply The Beulah Project’s way of answering Mayor Bell’s call to reduce poverty neighborhood-by-neighborhood, year-by-year,” Allen said.




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