Precept #1 for The Priceless Parents Children’s School Book By W. Calvin Anderson, M.Ed.


All illustration (c) 2018 w calvin anderson

Precept # 1    Parents Must Be Mature, “Woke” and Raise Their Children Well!

Parent are the first teachers for children whether their children learn to be good and successful in schools or not. It does not matter if school-aged children go to a public, charter or private school. What they learn at home shows up in the “public sector” and children tell everything that they learn and whom they learned it from both good and bad. We all know that school-aged children are committed to a growth plan and mandated public-sector period of socialization from ages 5 to 17 or 18.


No sane or loving person would just set-up his or her child to be criticized by anyone in their schools because they (the parents) teach them how to enjoy their work and jobs in the schools. Children are mandated to be in schools to learn grade-level skills and to become proficient and great at using them outside the classrooms. They are not there to start learning manners, respect for adults, positive self-images, listening skills or to learn that they should get completely dressed before leaving the house.

If children come to their highly pressured and underpaid teachers to learn basic home-training, primer preparation academic skills and how to share and get along with others then those children have been set-up for failure and are already behind the fast-paced requirements and rigors of today’s formal school in American classrooms.

Call Now! (770) 912-8569 get your copy of this new and comprehensive children’s book on school readiness and the expectations of school-age children going from home to schools. W. Calvin Anderson is the founder of the Student Empowerment Program, Inc. 


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