Atlanta: Orrin C. Hudson’s Be SomeOne . Org Moves Kids to Their Futures Now!


In 2001, Orrin C. Hudson, whose methods were inspired by the game of chess, founded Be Someone, which is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that uses numerous tools, including the game of chess, to promote self-esteem, responsibility, and analytical thinking among children in underserved communities.

The mission of Be Someone is to build character, hope, and inspiration so that kids can set and achieve lifetime goals, realize their full potential, and Be Someone.



“Making Every Move Count” refers to the belief that success in chess and success in life require the same fundamentals, including concentration, self-esteem, problem solving skills, and discipline. Be Someone teaches kids the practical skills and techniques to overcome obstacles in life, illustrated through the best and most intellectual visual aid: the chessboard. We hear a lot these days about crime and violence in some of our local schools and communities but unfortunately news about the good things seldom gets any attention. Today, Orrin C. Hudson is making a change


After winning two chess championships, Orrin recognized that chess provides a structured way of learning and helps to develop skills, such as patience, concentration, problem-solving, and the ability to follow rules. It also teaches responsibility, as it illustrates that all actions have consequences. Lastly, it teaches that winning isn’t everything; sometimes losing can be a valuable instrument for improvement. It is from these roots that Orrin developed the Make Every Move Count method.
“It’s less about teaching chess and more about building character.” – Orrin C. Hudson

“Win by Choice” Presentations and Seminars
This high-energy, short-duration presentation provides a series of meaningful steps students can use to stay on track in today’s fast-paced environment. Positive benefits for students include improved grades, prolonged attention spans, enhanced ability to think strategically, a desire to compete in a positive atmosphere, and team-building skills. Kids leave the presentation inspired to apply their newly-acquired skills toward achievement in school and in life.
Presentations & Seminars: Orrin C. Hudson is available for corporate and educational speaking engagements. Target audiences he speaks to varies from parents, teachers, management and corporate staff members.

Private Coaching Sessions: Be Someone also offers chess instruction with two-time chess champion, Orrin Hudson. A $1500 chess package consists of 10 hours of coaching with Hudson plus a complimentary Be Someone t-shirt. Full payment is due in advance.
Parent Workshops: Be Someone’s parent workshops inspire parents to assume an active role in their children’s education, and include practical techniques and advice.
Teacher Workshops: Be Someone’s teacher workshops give teachers the tools to motivate and challenge their students to strive for excellence.
Chess Camp: Be Someone’s Summer Chess Camp to motivate and challenge kids. Download our 2016 Summer Camps and Activities for Kids PDF.

Orrin Hudson received the highest award a community leader can get, The Distinguished Community Leader Award

2016 – Toastmaster’s Community Leadership Award
2014 – Non-Profit Trinity Award
2013 – FBI Distinguished Community Leader Award
2012 – National Dr. Martin Luther King Award
2007 – Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Award
2007 – Find Your Way Award for Outstanding Leadership
2006 – Urban Professional Outstanding Community Service Award
2006 – Twinkie award for postcard communication
2006 – Coached Project Destiny to win State Title in Chess
2005 – Hands on Atlanta: Social Entrepreneur Award
2005 – Ironstone Bank Community Leader Award
2005 – Hands on Atlanta Volunteer Service Award
2005 – Black Enterprise: Everyday Hero Award
2005 – NAACP Community Service Award
2005 – National Self-Esteem Award
2005 – Harvard Law Students Community Service Award
2005 – NBC 11Alive Good People Award
2005 – Coached Jordan Chappell to win DeKalb Salute Award
2004 – Proclamation from DeKalb County CEO, Vernon Jones
2004 – Proclamation from the Mayor of Lithonia
2004 – Atlanta Braves/ Piedmont Hospital Community Leader Award
2004 – TBS Superstation Pathfinder Award for Education
2004 – Beacon of Hope Award
2004 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Award
2003 – National Leadership Award
2003 – Coached Benteen Elementary to 3 straight APS chess championships
2003 – Turknett Leadership Character Award
2002 – Goody’s Community Service Award
2000 – Resolution from Mayor of Birmingham
2000 – Lowest Seed City-Wide Chess Champion
1999 – Lowest Seed City-Wide Chess Champion



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