Durham NC: 10th Annual Black Business Expo 1 on December 1, 2018

On November 28, 2018 the Black Friday Masquerade ball and on December 1, 2018 one of the largest shows in the history of black America The 2018 Black Business Expo – 10 am to 5:00 pm.

WEBSITE ADDRESS: https://www.blackbusinessexpo1.com/home.html

WEBSITE ADDRESS: https://pledgerconsults.com/

WEBSITE ADDRESS:  http://www.highschoolspanish.org/

WEBSITE ADDRESS:  https://kmt-hvacpros.com/

Black Business Expo is one of North Carolina’s BIGGEST Business to Business Trade Show, Conference & Networking Event for Black Business Owners, Corporations Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and anyone that works market to Black Business or companies inspired to start their own Business. Black Business Expo has been recognized as an Inc 500 fastest-growing privately held company celebrating its Ten Year Anniversary.

WEBSITE: http://www.thejusticetheaterproject.org/

Our focus is on targeted learning, networking, building valuable new business relationships & finding top vendors that help Business Owners take strategic action to immediately improve their Black Business.

Yvetter Devere – Educator, Trainer, Coach and Home Organizer


At this FREE one-day event hosted in Durham NC, over 1,000 passionate Business Owners will connect, network with vendors in various industries, and learn from the best in business about how to solve their most pressing business issues.

Please visit the website https://www.blackbusinessexpo1.com/home.html  


Remembering  North Carolina’s Own Bill Cherry with great respect for Kelly World-Wide



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