Raleigh, NC: Davie Street Prebyterian Men’s Council Hosts A Faboulous Men’s Day Weekend June 1 & 2, 2019


It was a “home-coming” for many people who had grown up in Raleigh and were youth members of the church. There was fellowhip on Saturday for a Men’s Health Retreat and a Sunday Service featuring the Men’s Choir, Special Keynote Speaker, and announcement of the Davie Street Man of the Year!  


Davie Street Presbyterian Church celebrated its Annual 2019 Men’s Day Retreat in Raleigh, North Carolina on June 1, 2019. It was a men’s health care “jamboree” for Men’s Council members who engaged in Christian fellowship, fun, and an extraordinary “teaching & learning” opportunity to further their understanding and confidence about managing oral health and wellness at every period of human life.



Dr. James Hardy of the Hardy Family Dentistry in Louisburg, NC presented a thorough and compelling oral health workshop covering:  the dentist’s approach to patient comfort and how oral health “factors-into many, many other health considerations. Dr. Hardy outlined carefully the behavioral health “do’s & don’ts” with regard to dental-related signals about other kinds of disorders and diseases how he managed patient fears. He explained how proper numbing techniques for patient comfort and care was an absolute foundation for each visit. The perhaps most significant thing that he made attendees aware of is — the necessity of getting his older patient’s mouths cleared for major surgeries to avoid other serious repercussions.

Dr. Hardy’s own statement about his background:

As a member of Old North State Dental Society, I established my Louisburg, North Carolina practice in 1981, intent on offering access to affordable dental care to all. My practice represents a genuine will to help others and has flourished for 35 years by adding patients across Franklin, Wake, Nash, Vance, and Warren counties.

Growing up the son of a sharecropper in North Hampton County in rural North Carolina, I knew the incredible need to improve oral health through education, prevention, and effective treatment in small communities. Today, I have become a well-known local dentist committed to helping patients transform not only their smile, but their overall health.

In 1981, I earned my Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, where I was recognized for outstanding clinical work in endodontics by the American College of Dentistry. That same year, I hung my sign as a solo practitioner: James G. Hardy, D.D.S. in the heart of Louisburg with one dental assistant and three operatory rooms! During this time I also treated patients at a public health clinic in Soul City, North Carolina, as a 2-year service commitment to National Health Service Corps.

Today, the practice boasts 10 operatories and a staff of 12, including my first-born child, Dr. Alecia Hardy. Together as a father/daughter dental team, we also operate a dental clinic at the Wake County Detention Center each Friday to provide necessary dental care to inmates.
Known as a “gentle giant,” I attribute my success to being a naturally compassionate and patient person who makes time to deliver genuine and heartfelt patient care with modern techniques. I am most proud of the impact I have made improving the dental IQ and oral health conditions throughout an area where access to care was once very limited.

When I’m not busy giving my patients a reason to smile or spending time with my wife, three daughters, and extended family, I can be found on the golf course, participating in long-distance running, enjoying a movie, or in my congregation at Davie Street Presbyterian Church in Raleigh.



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Dr. Phillip Z. Timmons, M.D. works professionally with North Carolina Nephrology, PA (NCN) in Raleigh, North Carolina. The NCN practice provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of kidney related diseases and hypertension.

Dr. Timmons also provided a comprehensive overview of conventional healthcare but his presentation referred to men’s healthcare needs from: early childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle-age, and for older-aged patients. Dr. Simmons “broke-down” the facts about male fertility and infertility; effective ways to exercise, and ways of reducing heart disease. With his easy-going and down-to-earth manner he shared “the science and the approaches” of experienced and professional doctors, Dr. Timmons recommended Nine (9) Ways for Men to Live Longer! Simmons broke-down facts about male fertility and infertility, effective ways to exercise and ways of reducing heart disease.

Imagine having a private consultation on your own health! In today’s world that would be simply a priceless opportunity! Each of the guys both asked personal questions and perhaps shared concerns and curiosities not often heard. All in attendance  were very appreciative. We laughed together, reduced personal fears, ate well and bonded in perhaps “life-changing” ways.



Dr. Simmons background includes the following information:

Phillip Z. Timmons, M.D., is a graduate of East Carolina University School of Medicine. He received his Internal Medicine training at Norwalk Hospital and Yale-New Haven Hospital, and specialized training in Nephrology at Duke University Medical Center.

Rev. Dr. Byron A. Wade



Dan Blue 



Dr. William L. Pollard provided a conversational sermon. He is a Raleigh, NC native who grew-up attending Davie Street and so his introduction conducted by his baby-brother, Mike Pollard. Mike, is a church elder who also supports the security program of the church. Mike’s reflections almost had Dr. William in tears recalling their mom’s dedication to the church. This family’s pride in their Davie Street foundations, and the nostalgia of returning together in 2019 was an inspiration to all in attendance.

Dr. Pollard said that he could not help but to pay homage to Davie Street as a his very own “home . Davie Street in his reflections served native resident Raleigh families with children’s programs from Friday after school through Sunday church activities. Davie Street was there for kids and families also on school vacations and the summers. He explained that the small church on Davie Street was filled with giant people who networked its young people into work and educational opportunities. He is a proud product of the legendary leaders who “spoke into their youth” at Davie Street.

Conversational Sermon

Dr. Pollard’s conversational sermon had the theme of “How  We Got Over…” using a story in chapter 8 of the autobiographical classic,  “Up From Slavery” by the historic black leader Booker T. Washington. Dr. Pollard told the story of an incident that Dr. Washington had written about where his heart was touched by an elderly woman who had no money to contribute to the growth and development of his Tuskegee Institute but offered him six (6) eggs for the students as a contribution. Pollard took the implied gratitude of Booker T.  Washington’s story birth to today his “six-egg” metaphor. The went on to recognized: 1 each egg with a value-proposition: 1) faith, 2) history, 3) remembrance, 4) meddling, 4) service,  and vision. His philosophy was simply the respect for every gift offered us both large and small. He seemed to suggest that in our moving forward “and getting over” life’s challenges and hurdles that we also know where we have come from. The egg as such would give life to “enduring principles and attributes” for “grateful and graceful personal and group uplift, decency, and order in our lives.

President of Medgar Evers College of The City University of New York from 2009 to 2013 and the former President of the University of the District of Columbia. Dr. Pollard began his tenure at Syracuse University in 1989, serving as dean of the Syracuse University School of Social Work for ten years, where he led the School in its development of a student-centered program. Following this, he became the founding dean of the School of Human Services and Health Professions until he left for the University of the District of Columbia in 2002. Prior to this, he served as Dean and founder of the Grambling State University School of Social Work from 1984 to 1989. In 1976, Dr. Pollard joined the University of Pittsburgh, where he was named the coordinator of the Community Organization Skills Set at the University. In 1972, Dr. Pollard was the Social Welfare department head at Livingstone College.

Dr. Pollard received his Ph.D. in policy and planning from the University of Chicago School of Social Administration in 1976, where the members of his dissertation committee included the late John Hope Franklin, the brilliant historian and educator who, in 1956, became the first African-American department chair at a major college when he was named chairman of Brooklyn College’s history department. Dr. Pollard earned his M.S.W. from the University of North Carolina School of Social Work, and a B.A. from Shaw University.

Man Of the Year – Brother Lynnie Sullivan

Man of the Year Brother Lynnie Sullivan (R) presented by Lawrence Willams (L) 

Lynnie a steadfast Presbyterian from the Raleigh regional area. e is “comfortable-in-his-own skin,” easy to laugh, share ideas, shoulder-to-shoulder work, and tell anyone the truth about what he thinks. Lynnie Sullivan is the Davie Street 2019 Man of the Year because he deserves it. He works tirelessly for the church, Rev. Dr. Byron Wade and with many of the various committees in the congregation.

Davie Street Presbyterian Church is a progressive 150 plus year old church with an African American history located at 300 East Davie Street in the downtown Capitol city of Raleigh under the ministerial leadership of Dr. Byron A. Wade.

Rev. Dr. Byron A. Wade was born in Los Angeles, CA. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University Redlands in California, and holds an Master of Arts from the Presbyterian School of Christian Education , an Master of Divinity from Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate of Ministry from the McCormick Theological Seminary.

Rev. Dr. Wade is married to Regina Fleming Wade, a North Carolina native, and they have a son, Andrew. His first pastorate is Davie Street Presbyterian Church. He is an active member of New Hope Presbytery, filling many positions within its structure including Vice-Moderator, Committee on Preparation for Ministry; Moderator, Black Caucus; Moderator, Committee on Examinations. On the national level, he has been a part of the Black Presbyterian Caucus, and served as the Vice-Moderator for the Presbyterian Church USA. Rev. Dr. Wade has been on mission trips both to Central America and Haiti.





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