Raleigh, NC: Mission Capital Crossing Community Teams-Up with Fire Station #19

Address: 4722 Dansey Drive, Raleigh NC 27616 (919) 289-8215  Website: Http://missioncapitalcrossing.com

The progressive community property management company Mission Capital Crossing Apartments has teamed-up with the local Raleigh Mini-City Fire Station #19 to launch an area wide Summer Fire Safety Program called District 19.

The two pro-neighborhood entities kicked off a significant “meet and greet” at the Mission Capital Crossing leasing office on May 30, 2019 at the leasing office.

The fire safety program offers little known facts about how the most prevalent fires start — even without someone noticing the danger signs. The group has plans continue to educate the public to keep Mini City safe especially during the coming Summer months.
The information shared had education values related to science, life skills, and community civics.

The Station 19’s,”District 19″ safety project is just one of the community partners teaming-up with Mission Capital in Mini City. Mini City has many awesome community-enrichments that it to offers to residents in the “world-class” development of Northeast Raleigh.

The Mission Capital Crossing Leasing organization hosts many multifaceted programs for tenants on property. One other such programs to point out is called Project Access. It has a facility on property for educational and enrichment services for 1) children of all ages, and resident adults. Computers and internet access is available as well as various practical training offerings.

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