Durham, NC: The Magic of African Rhythms Provide’s Tribute to NYC/ATL’s Baba Stan George


The magnificent percussionists known as The Magic of African Rhythm (TMOAR) arts and education organization was kind enough to pay tribute to an elder drummer and percussionist that they had never met, the late Baba Stan George  of Atlanta, Georgia. This reporter made the request to the founder Baba Shabu. Stan George was a native of New York City. He was trained by Chief Bey in Brooklyn NY and played as a youth in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Baba George was well known as an historic South-end Atlanta community artist and a popular capitol city Georgian musician.

Magic of African Rhythm according to Baba Shabu is a pillar in the bridge that connects us to our African heritage across the ocean. Baba and Mama Shabu began working on the inter-cultural arts and education “bridge” in the 1960’s. The thematic ideation and concept of the creative family team is derived from the African concept of “Ngoma” which means, the “rhythmic thread”. This according to the, Shabu’s is the magic and ase’ that links authentic drumming, singing, dancing, and visual arts together for service of rthymic and harmonious relationships. The music expresses the Shabu family arts and education “community offerings”. In Africa that would be… the most positive Djembe Fire!, Balankora, and Safari Ngoma.

For more information about The Magic of African Rhythm please visit their website at


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