CONTACT: Guy A. Fortt: 203 223 0549


By W. Calvin Anderson & Joyce Griffin

Stamford, Connecticut April 20, 2020 – Guy A,. Fortt, president of the Stamford NAACP Branch, Mrs. Pam Koprowski- Cardinale Associates providing services through the Vita Partnership, Director Public Safety, Health and Welfare-Ted Jankowski, Stamford Community Response Team (CERT)-Chris Munger, Natalie Coard, Charter Oak Communities alarmed by local COVID19 tragedies and national news announcements that African Americans and people of color with pre-existing health disparities were at increased risk of dying from the Coronavirus. The cohesive city and civic-minded groups worked aggressively to create “an innovative public-private COVID-19 reduction partnership” that is perhaps the most progressive collaborative model to date in the nation.

What is now called, “The NAACP Personal Protective Mask Project” is the outcome of the two putting their #2HeadsRBetter2020 efforts towards sourcing a vendor for the 30,000 3-ply masks (personal protective equipment) and for distribution to Stamford urban neighborhoods in the historic city in lower Fairfield County.

The Stamford NAACP spearheaded the efforts to purchase masks for the vulnerable urban area senior citizens and Stamford residents. Working in collaboration with some of Stamford’s African American organizations and others including the:100 Black Men of Stamford, Inc., Delta Nu Boule, the local chapter of the National Council of Negro Women, Inc., The FELLAS, Inc., Congressman Jim Himes, Vince Tufo of the Vita Partnership, Mayor Martin and ShopRite’s Tom Cingari Jr. 14,000 masks were purchased for immediate distribution. The protective mask project was serviced by Alan Barnett of Point of Bleu in Stamford Ct.
This critically important civic and health safety project has been dedicated to the memory of Mr. Jack Bryant former president of the Stamford NAACP who recently succumbed to the COVID-19 virus on April 16, 2020.


The masks are being distributed to the following housing communities:
AUGUSTA MANOR                                    1050
CLINTON MANOR                                      880
POST HOUSE                                              600
QUINTARD MANOR                                   600
STAMFORD GREEN                                     910
STAMFORD MANOR                                  2150
FRIENDSHIP HOUSE                                    605
LAWNHILL TERRACE                                    840
PARKSIDE GABLES                                       680
RENAISSANCE                                         1000
SOUTHWOODS SQUARE                         3150
STILLWATER HEIGHTS                                  75
TRINITY PARK                                            480
Distribution Data by the Stamford Branch of the NAACP

“We anticipate additional donations will be coming soon as we want to make an even greater impact regarding the safety of Stamford’s at risk residents. We hope to see a second phase soon, once additional funding is available. The NAACP is thankful and appreciative of the team efforts of the African American organizations, in concert with Pam Koprowski-Stamford Health Systems, The City of Stamford, Stamford Community Response Team (CERT), the Stamford Police Department, the Stamford Fire Department, and Stamford Shop Rite’s – Tom Cingari, Jr. We are all proud of what we have worked together to diligently accomplish for our seniors and vulnerable people in our 21st century SMART and ‘world-class’ city,” said Guy Fortt.

Please send donations to Stamford NAACP P.O. Box 885 Stamford CT 06904. Should you have any questions, please contact President Guy A. Fortt at 203-223-0549.


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